The Brand

  • Named after Fatima’s great grandmother, a strong and smart woman, Ruwaya is an old Arabic name with two beautiful meanings. The first, “to quench a thirst”, alludes to the feeling of finding something truly beautiful encapsulated into a piece of fine jewellery, while the second, “story-telling”, speaks to the rich heritage of Arabic lore that Fatima distills into her breathtaking, wearable works of art.

    Using only the finest stones, ethically sourced from fabled locales like Kashmir, Ceylon and Burma, Fatima treats the sapphires and diamonds with a light hand, allowing their raw, natural beauty to determine the look of the final pieces in order to maximise the inner light and fire.

    Set in the finest 18-karat rose, yellow and white gold, Ruwaya’s three ready-to-wear collections bewitch with their dramatic and organic lines, and offer a sparkling selection of covetable pieces that stretch from dazzling show pieces to more understated pieces designed to be worn every day.